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SMART Support Groups 

We at the SMART therapy center have a firm commitment to social justice and the examination of current issues around systemic racism, decolonization, and better conflict resolution strategies at a systemic level. 


We are currently engaged in the following Projects:

The Five Rings Veteran's Program

We are combining the best practices and methods contained within the SMART therapy model with access to a 400 year old samurai lineage who has agreed to assist our endeavors by offering insight into their warrior code or "bushido". We combine the therapy model with bushido, then frame it through the lens of the famous "Book of Five Rings" in order to create a veteran specific offering that honors their experiences as warriors and fellow humans.  

Click here to see the current group schedule.

Stop Native Youth Suicide

We are working with several other non-profits to address the extreme problems with youth suicide rates in indigenous communities. We are working with Arapahoe Tribes from Wind River Reservation, WY to kick start our support programs. Here are some links that you can support as a community mentor after the completion of the SMART Five Rings Training program.

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