The Five Rings Veteran's Program

We are in the process of creating a methodology for addressing veterans' issues using a customized version of our Five Rings School philosophy. This approach is a combination of SMART methods and the deep influence of Bushido warrior culture. Read more about this in our School of Five Rings section! 

Currently the goal of this project is to create a pilot program for empirically examining efficacy of our methods on working with PTSD and suicidality in the veteran population. We have a profound desire to make sure that the voices of veterans are centered in this project, and so the following methodology will be observed. 

We will operate by creating two levels of engagement or "rings". The first is going to consist of an open veterans support group where people can show up and just process and share community freely in an online format. From here those who are interested can participate in a more structured container which is a five week course that dives into the skills taught at the School of Five Rings. From the dialogue and participation of these veterans it is the hope that we can then create a pilot study to empirically show efficacy that can then be refined into further research and development.

We are currently accepting applications for both the general group and the five week course. Sign up today!

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