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We work with individuals, couples, and families

Individual counseling

We offer individual therapy sessions that integrate Eastern Wisdom with Western Psychology. If you currently experience any of these thoughts, call or email to schedule an appointment.

"Currently, I have a really difficult relationship with someone I care about and would like to work on myself without their presence."

"I have been diagnosed with a mental disorder and would like to try an etiological therapy that gets to the root of the issue"

" I cannot stop using alcohol, drugs (including prescribed), cigarettes, sex, food, gambling, TV, smartphones, or the internet, and it is becoming a problem."

" I feel like my fearfulness, worry, and anxiety is keeping me from engaging in life."

"I don't feel pleasure or experience enjoyment like I used to."

"My childhood trauma affects my present-day life, and I want to resolve it for good."

"I have been wanting support around a religious, existential, or spiritual issue."

"I lost a loved one and cannot get over their death."

"I wish I loved myself more; it seems I cannot stop criticizing myself and I want it to stop."

"I am a Veteran and am dealing with nightmares, hypervigilance, flashbacks, angry outbursts, or an unresolved trauma."


We specialize in PTSD, Veterans issues, anxiety, depression, worry, grief and loss, shame and guilt issues, existential issues, spiritual and religious issues, growth and development, relationship problems, childhood trauma, addictions and substance dependencies, and life transitions.

Couples Therapy

Couples counseling can help uncover relationship dynamics to enable your relationship to have greater harmony, trust, and joy. We specialize in helping you to:


Argue less and feel greater harmony in your relationship

Feel more connected

Better understand one another 

Deepen emotional intimacy

Learn how to express needs in the relationship

Feel more independence within the relationship

Work through infidelity or distrust in the relationship

Family Therapy

Family Therapy sessions uncover your entrenched family patterns and systems in a safe environment. A Multi-generational session is helpful when you have difficult family communication dynamics or are going through a challenging transition.

"One of our family members had a life-changing disease or experiences chronic symptoms and we are having a hard time."

" My child is acting out and we don't know how to help them."

"We lost, or are losing, our family member and are experiencing a difficult time."

" We are having strong tension or neglect in our family and would like to open up our family culture in a safe place."




Telehealth counseling (also called e-therapy, e-counseling, or teletherapy) is a format of counseling that we deliver through an online platform.  It is real-time, face-to-face counseling. the only difference is you can stay at home! We are pleased to offer the option of online counseling sessions for any of our clients.  As long as you have audio and video capabilities and internet access, we can utilize Teletherapy together.  If you are interested in private, HIPPA compliant, online sessions, email us and we will tell you the next steps.

Under this pandemic, we offer all services on phone and video conference calls.

Some more reasons why Teletherapy might be the right fit for you:

You live out of the area but would still like to participate in our services (must be a Colorado resident)

Convenience (no travel required)

Security and privacy (We use HIPPA compliant technology)

Save money (with no need to go to our office, you can save time, costs to travel, and childcare expenses)


Authentic Routine 

SMART’s goal of treatment is to create The Authentic Routine or integrated personalized rituals. These occur after we deconstruct the vicious stories which prevent a client from experiencing the raw aliveness of emotion and sensation. Authentic Routines help clients to constantly integrate disowned emotions and bodily sensations because the process of the creation is based on fully integrated motivation, earlier identification of avoidance techniques or procrastination strategies, and acceptance of responsibility for one’s own emotions and sensations.

Maintenance Check-in for re-evaluation

After creating the Authentic Routine, treatment outcomes start to rely on the client’s motivation and their daily practice outside of the therapy sessions. The therapist’s role is to help clients to be aware of their hindrances and resistances to disciplining themselves to implement and practice self-created Authentic Routines. Even though clients succeed in the implementation of Authentic Routines, a therapist helps to evaluate the effectiveness of current routines as an outside observer. The implementation and creation of Authentic Routines are an open and never-ending process, same as our overall growth. The Check-in occurs every two weeks to four weeks to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the Authentic Routine and motivation of clients.

Telehealth therapy

What is Telehealth counseling?

Authentic Routine Creation

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