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SMART Trauma-informed Mindfulness-based Mediation Training


Our advanced level Mindfulness mediator training is design to mediate emotionally difficult cases using Mindfulness-based intervention. Trauma response and emotional triggers are informed at the mediation in a safe environment. This training is one of the first mediator's training in the world, which integrates the Body-Mind approach to resolving deep-rooted conflicts.


Topics at the training

Mindfulness-based Mediation

(Mental Health and International and Domestic  Dispute)

Housing Provider and Tenant Dispute (2021 Updated version with the new executive orders)

Family Dispute and Divorce Mediation(Trauma-informed and Multicultural),


We offer special training for themes around the following keywords.

Use of Self as a mediator training. (Mindfulness-based Mediation)

Knowing yourself as a mediator (Bias awareness, Values, and judgment)

Advanced skill training for Mindfulness meditation.

Attachment style, Mindfulness-based Conflict Theory, Systemic intervention for conflict,

Role and process awareness (Speed of the process, Group as a whole).


TRAUMA skill

“It is over" I am safe now” when the client feels unsafe.


door opening push and pull

Know your self, forget yourself,

doors opening, push and pull


Psychoeducation about Trauma and Trigger

Breathing Technique

Redirecting Here and Now intervention


Framing-Don’t take responsibility for accusation from high conflict personality.


Sometimes the party would like to see the mediator fail!

Housing Provider decided what is good for the tenant.

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